Vray Studio Lightning tutorial

Vray Studio Lightning tutorial

Create a shape like the following with the line tool. Create a line

  • Fillet the two vertices as shown.Fillet


  • Make the line enable in renderer and viewport, select rectangular as its type and adjust the length value.Enable in Viewport and Renderer


  • Create a primitive or import your own model. Here, a Torus Knot has been created.Place Object


  • Press F10 or go to Rendering -> Render Setup. Go to Common tab and assign V-ray renderer.V-Ray Setting


  • Now Press M (Material Editor), click ‘Standard’ and choose VRayMtl (V-ray Material). Name it ‘Background’, make the diffuse color pure white and apply it to the base.Apply VRayMtlBase Properties
  •  Take another slot, name it ‘objest_mat’, make a V-Ray material and apply diffuse, reflection, glossiness, and other parameters as per your need and apply it to the object.

For instance, the following values are taken.Object Properties

  • Create three V-Ray lights, position and tweak the parameters as shown. The multiplier parameter can be adjusted as per your need.V-Ray Light SettingsV-Ray Light Positions


  • Create a camera and position it according to your need and safe frame it (shift+F).


  • Now, press F10 and make the following changes.Frame Buffer SettingImage sampler, Adaptive DMC Image Sampler and V-Ray Environment Settings Indirect Illumination Settings Irradiance map Settings Light Cache Settings


  • Now press F9 and render.
  • After saving the file you can do postwork in Adobe Photoshop


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