UTS Central by Justin Imhoff

UTS Central by Justin Imhoff

We have received an incredible work from Justin Imhoff, entitled “UTS Central”. An incredible project of animation over the University Technology of Sydney that we have the honor of sharing.


We thank Justin Imhoff for sharing their incredible work on our site.


Justin Imhoff:

“Commissioned by UTS to produce an animation for the last phase of their decade long campus upgrade, I created this animation independently in about 2-3 months.

This is the third animation project I did for UTS, and it got a remarkable reception from stakeholders and the general public on social media.

It features the exterior of the new Building 2 in context with the other new buildings and the Alumni Green. It then shows the interior student lobby area, the awe-inspiring Reading Room, and then the new underground Superlab.

I was honoured to produce this work for UTS and proud of what I accomplished with the available time and resources.


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