Spline Refiner 3dsMax script

Spline Refiner 3dsMax script

Developed by Spline Dynamics, Spline Refiner is a 3dsMax script to automatically subdivide your entire splines uniformly without losing any detail!

Spline Dynamics has released Spline Refiner, a plugin for 3DS Max that subdivides splines without changing their fundamental shape. It works by adding detail only where is needed and claims to produce better results than either 3DS Max’s legacy Normalise Spline modifier or the new version introduced in Max 2019.

The plugin is compatible with Max 2012 and above and costs $7.50. Read more on Spline Dynamics website and see a demo on Vimeo.

Main features:

– Equalize Subdivision: automatic / custom value / curves only.
– Increase subdivision / Optimize straight lines
– Process hundreds of shapes in seconds
– Compatible with 3dsMax 2012 and higher

Here’s all the info: http://www.splinedynamics.com/spline-refiner/

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