Soft loft by Line Architects

Soft loft by Line Architects

Soft loft by Line Architects is a 3D remake personal project done to mimic the
real Photographs by Oleg Bajura using only 3Ds Max & Vray Next what you see
is the outcome RAW RENDERS without any photo manipulation or compositing
straight out from 3Ds Max and Vray Frame Buffer. Adobe Photoshop was only
used to add my logo.

Architects: Line Architects
Area: 171 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Oleg Bajura
Manufacturers: B&B Italia, Centrsvet, IKEA,
Living Divani, Vitra, Davide Groppi, zampieri
Project location: Chisinau, Moldova

As a matter of fact Soft loft it reminds more not of an apartment, and the house on a roof from where one of the best panoramic kinds on a city opens. The apartments are on the top floor of the house and occupy most of it. The space is divided into several functional zones each with its own private terrace. The common area of the living room with an island sofa and a projection on the wall, a dining room with an unusual table for seven and a minimalist kitchen are combined into one whole space. The private bedroom area is designed as a single and secluded space for two where the bedroom is combined with a bathroom and a dressing room. The character of the interior is based on soft contrasts where harmoniously combined rough and soft textures, simple and sound materials, cold and warm shades. Despite its industrial character and many different materials, the interior is very soft, warm and cozy.


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