Download SimplyMaps v1_0 for 3dsMax 2012 - 2015

SimplyMaps v1.0 for 3dsMax 2012 – 2015 – FREE

SimplyMaps v1.0 for 3dsMax 2012 – 2015

A simple tool to render out top down maps from 3dsmax. An ideal way utilizing the tool would be in creating tilable textures. Besides tilable textures, this will help in overlaying additional small scale details on already made in-game meshes in a much more straight forward fashion.

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Key Features

-Author textures in 3Dsmax, using 3Dsmax powerful modeling Tools
-Quick Iterations on textures
-Get Normal, AO, Height and Color Selection Maps at once


-Drag-Drop the MZP on to 3dsmax
-Install and Enjoy !



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