Interview with Shahrukh Shaikh

Shahrukh Shaikh

Interview with Shahrukh Shaikh

Interview with: Shahrukh Shaikh

–              What do you think we should know about you?

Basically, i started learning archviz just to earn money so that i can fulfill my dreams of living this life. But time changes and so do people and this change bring my passion of earning money to my passion of learning more and more. It all started a year ago when i joined an architect firm where i got a chance to improve myself and my work. I learnt how principle of design can change your way of designing and this could make a difference in making my views  more real than what i used to do before. Now every single day i learn from my mistakes and i try to improve my work better and better than before.


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–              Would you say the 3D design is a sector that can grow and evolve in the coming years?

3D Design is an amazing sector as it requires freedom of creativity which is growing everyday.This will build a bright future depending upon the skills  you  put  everyday.


–              How is your work routine?

I  work daily for 10 Hours and in free time i always look for Inspirations and read blogs like Bertrand Benoit, Ronen Bekerman etc.)


 –              What tools do you use for making your amazing 3d designs? That is, what modeling software do you use, rendering engine, and we would also like to know what plugins you use that make your work a little easier and faster ?.

I Use Autodesk 3Ds max for modeling and for rendering  i use Vray and Corona. Adobe Photoshop for final touchups and  for scattering i use Itoo Forest Pack plugin.


–              Seeing the works that appear in your facebook profile, we have seen a huge evolution in just two years, how could you explain your learning process in this short space of time?

It’s not two year. It has been 3 years. I always  set  new limits and challenges in every project to develop the skills faster and that is how I achieve it within 3 yrs.


–              In your portfolio we can see many works of interior design, why do so many works of this type?
My main focus is to be master in  one and then move to other. So when i started with archviz i was doing interior and slowly moved to exterior.


–              You are from …… , do you live currently there?

I am from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

 –              And something really important that we would like to ask you, why there are so many good designers 3D in your country?

India is a place where artists are born and  has given many in every sector.


–              Have you been hard the beginnings?

I think its not only hard for me but  for every artist.  Cg industry always seems to be a difficult but creative field. It requires lots of patience and as it is well said that  patience is a key to success.

–              Do you think it is important to have a marketing strategy on the Internet?

Yes, social networking site’s are playing an important role  for daily business.  It is really helping many people to showcase their work on starting stage.


–              We can not stop being surprised when you have told us that you do not have a website to publish your portfolio, your experience, etc … how can a freelance live without this tool?

As I said social networking sites are enough to build a contact and showcase your work. Every single person use  facebook, behance etc. and hence never felt like making an individual website.

–              What advice could you give to 3d designers that are starting?

Patience and Dedication for work. It is important to have a knowledge in Photography and its fundamentals .Try to always work with reference  and try to get reference from photographs not from the 3d renders.


–              Finally we would like to congratulate you especially for your project Black & Bricks, do you think you could do a little tutorial for our readers of how you made this scene?

Thank you and yes i will be honored to  making it for your readers.

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