Interior Lightning tutorial by Saeed Amiri

Interior Lightning tutorial by Saeed Amiri

Today a interior lightning tutorial by the great cg artist Saeed Amiri

Please visit his site:

Hey guys

I have shared with u the render setup used for this image , plus lighting and camera settings.

In this scene i have used a dome light with HDRI for general lighting , besides using sky portals to produce realistic shadows and also soft box to add warm light and to light up the dark corners .

HDRI Setup

The HDRI used in the dome light is the Peter Guthrie HDRI.Before using the HDRI you should desaturate the image . You can simply do that by using the shortcut “Cltr + Shift + U” in photoshop .



Note: Don’t forget to check “Lock to dome orientation”


2-Sky Portal

In the image Below you can see the Skyportal settings .

Sky portal

In order to have realistic shadows you should use more than one skyportal for each window .


soft 1

soft 2

This is all I have used for lighting.

Next step is setting the camera


Render setting


This is my result by using these settings.


I hope it would be helpful to you as well

Best regards


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