Memory – Marcel Breuer by Myozuko

Memory – Marcel Breuer by Myozuko

We have received through this section “submit your project” this incredible work entitled “Memory – Marcel Breuer”. An own render of Myozuko.


Thanks Myozuko for sharing your work.


Myozuko: “I was born in a time when everything about architecture seemed to be saturated, memories, pages about him, were increasingly forgotten. I do this, just want to recall some memories. Breuer is an influential person in modern architecture, as well as influencing my thinking and my style in design.
MARCEL BREUER (1902 -1981 )
You can see a lot of information about him on the internet, and specialized magazines. Started as a carpenter, then a designer, and a great architect. Breuer is considered one of the key characters in the history of architecture and design.
Modeling – Texturing – Illumination _ Rendering By soulRGB studio.”
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Reference: Myozuko

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