Material Converter – Lumion/Vray/Corona

Material Converter – Lumion/Vray/Corona


This Script is Aimed to :

1- Detach All Objects with Multi/Sub object Materials to Elements by ID and Assign the Proper Material (this Step is necessary because the Script will not Handle any Multi/Sub Materials).
2- Replacing Any Displacment Modifier with Displacement Map.
3- Converting (Almost 🙂 ) All Type of Maps to Rendered Bitmaps with Options for Output (Better to Test the Scale for Procedural Maps and Gamma on Some Objects Before Converting the Scene).
4- Convert All Type of Color Maps Like Color Correction….. (with Empty Slots) into Color (Diffuse-Reflection……).
5- Convert any Type of Blend Materials into Standard or VRayMtl or Corona Mtl Materials (the Accuracy is as good as possible).
6- Convert All Materials to Standard.

List of Supported Maps :
Rendered Maps: (CompositeTexturemap, Mix, Bricks, Noise, VRayCompTex, VRayCompTex, VRayNoiseTex, VRaySoftbox, VRayTriplanarTex, VRayUserColor, VRayUserScalar CoronaMix, CoronaUvwRandomizer, Smoke, Gradient_Ramp, Cellular, Checker, Dent, Gradient, BerconTile, BerconNoise, BerconMapping, BerconWood, Color_Replace, Mask, RGB_Multiply, RGB_Tint, Speckle, Splat, Stucco, SigerScratches, ShapeMap, AdvancedWood, Marble, TextMap).

Converted Maps: (ColorCorrection, CompositeTexturemap, output, falloff, SigerComplexFresnel, Normal_Bump, ColorCorrect, VRayHDRI, VRayDirt, VRayColor, VRayNormalMap, VRayCompTex, VRayMultiSubTex, CoronaAO, CoronaColor, CoronaColorCorrect, CoronaBitmap, CoronaNormal, CoronaRoundEdges, CoronaTonemapControl, CoronaWire, CoronaMultiMap).

This Script is Commercial But its Free Now (for a Few Days Till the Next Year).

download it here

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