Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Raised Sleeping Area With Hidden Lighting

When looking for inspiration for your bedroom, sometimes looking at hotel rooms can provide design ideas that you wouldn’t have normally thought of.

This modern hotel room in the 1 Hotel in South Beach, Miami, was designed by Meyer Davis, who created a raised sleeping area with hidden lighting.

Not only does the platform define the sleeping area, it also helps to raise the couch, making it more comfortable to sit on, and allowing for better views. A small wood shelf provides separation and also doubles as the back of the couch, while the hidden lighting provides a soft glow to the room.

On the opposite side of the bed, there’s a glass wall with a white curtain that separates the shower and bathroom from the sleeping area. This large glass wall also allows the natural light from the sliding glass doors of the balcony to filter through.

Hidden lighting under the wood vanity and behind the mirror, also complement the hidden lighting in the main room.

Reference: contemporist

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