Magda Torres Gurza interview

Magda Torres Gurza interview

This week we have left our studio, full of computers, screens, cables, etc … and we visited an incredible artist: Magda Torres, someone who has the skill and luck to be able to capture reality with her brushes.


Magda Torres Gurza´s interview

This week we are lucky to have the presence of this incredible Mexican artist.

Seeing her works we understand that we are with a person who dominates the light, the materials and of course the composition.
Her extensive experience has led her to win awards and recognitions, but we believe her best reward is that all those who watch her renders admire the serenity and energy they convey.

We have been very interested in your work, really realism is something that 3D artists look for in all our projects, and every day the tools we use make our work a little easier to achieve that goal, but it always amazes us to see that there is artists that with their hands and much more basic tools are able to achieve that result that so many pursue daily.
This is the case of your work. We were amazed to see how successful all the materials and lighting are in your paintings


CGVRAY – Since the beginning has been a constant in your pictorial way the search for realism, or has it been an evolution?. That is, have you started painting the classics and then you have found this way or have you always had a clear idea of what you liked?

MTG- My mother was an impressionist painter, so I started in impressionism as a child, later, in adolescence I met the work of Salvador Dalí and I was very impressed, so my first 10 years as a painter I did surrealism, fantastic landscapes generally, then fairies etc, I tried to tell stories like stories and fantasy, until I realized that what happens in reality sometimes surpasses fantasy, there are many real stories that are many times more complex than a movie for example , that’s when I decided to dedicate myself to realism and little by little I added more details until I came to what I now paint that is hyperrealism, but if you know how to observe you will realize that Surrealism did not leave me completely and within my hyperrealist works you will find some out-of-place glimpses, and surrealistic details in the form of symbols or messages


CGVRAY – It seems that art is already in your DNA, your mother is also a painter and I suppose that something will show its influence. Did she really guide you through the world of painting?

MTG- From her I learned almost everything I know about painting, especially the profound meaning of transiting this beautiful path that is art

CGVRAY.- Why painting and not photography? If what you were looking for was such a photorealistic result, why not use another tool?

MTG- My photographs are abstract haha I am a little contreras they look like paintings if you look, and my painting many say that they look like photographs.


CGVRAY.- Do you use photography as the basis of your work?

MTG- Not always, many times I paint from nature.

CGVRAY.- Besides the painting, have you ever used 3D design techniques by computer?



CGVRAY- You have a special interest in transparencies and reflections, metals and especially chrome, and crystals are really incredible, how do you choose what these objects reflect?

MTG- I almost never paint what they really reflect, that’s where my most creative part comes in, if you notice, for example, I never appear in the reflection.

CGVRAY.- In your works almost always that lens flare appears, is it a kind of signature of yours?

MTG- Yes, I consider it my visual signature, at 18 I was about to lose my sight because of an accident and part of my treatment was a dense ointment that I had to apply inside the eye, so I saw that flash in the high lights. That flash is always in my paintings as a reminder and thanks of that event.

equilibrio cristalino

CGVRAY.- How do you choose the scenes you want to paint?

MTG- I only paint what I would hang in the living room of my house, that is my parameter.

CGVRAY- Do you always work with objects, why do not we see any landscape or daily exterior scene in your paintings?

MTG- I did it a long time, especially when I was painting theater sets, but now the objects and the stories behind them are what draw my attention.


CGVRAY – We are very interested in your work helping children through your painting, could you explain your projects in this field?

MTG- In that sense I like to support everything that is possible, not only have been children, but also people with terminal illnesses, visual impairments, down syndrome, cancer, AIDS and now I am also supporting an ecological project through Animal Karma


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