Lime Exporter 3dsmax to Lumion

Lime Exporter 3dsmax to Lumion

Lime is created by cg artirst for cg artist, his goal is to convert scene for 3dsmax to lumion as perfection. Lime will not just export textures it will try to clean broken mesh, save tiling and all others modifications on the textures maps.  it will save more than you can imagine time, most of the people who use lime have a completely reworked work Flow

In cgvray we had the opportunity to try the script thanks to the kindness of its creator Chuka Chuks and we have to say that it worked very well.It is fast, as it has taken about 4 minutes to export a complex scene of about 700 mg and transforms all kinds of materials, including a multi material (floor generator) and divides the elements into different mesh and assigns a material to each one. The tool is useful and very necessary. It is true that there are other converters but when it comes to exporting materials to Lumion, which does not work with multimaterials or complex materials, it may be the perfect tool for people who want to use Lumion. Convert vray materials, Corona and Fstorm to standard material.


Lime Exporter is a tool who allow you to export all textures and scene ready to work to LUMION.

This tool allow to convert Vray or Corona and Fstorm to Lumion.

It’s not a simplicity Exporter, it’s keep all the compatible settings…

Export all the scene or only selected Object… See how many instance it’s necessary to convert…

Real time informations for the convertion state.
Keep your plugin up to date with the internal update fonction.

Drag and Drop LMInstaller.mse to your 3dsmax viewport and let’s the plugin install.

Uninstaller is include to remove all (Lime Exporter) files.

Connection internet is needed (Need Internet connection to initiate your Key license).

License are by month/year and unique by Computers/Users.

Compatible with 3dsmax 2014 up to 2020.
Compatible with Lumion up to 10.

It is not a free script, it costs about 20 euros a year.

It is a fairly cheap price for the job involved in developing a tool like this.You can try it for free for a day on this link.



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