Interview with Oscar Salmerón, CG artist and official Instructor method 5SRW

Interview with Oscar Salmerón, CG artist and official Instructor method 5SRW

With this exclusive interview with Oscar Salmeron, Spanish artist and former official vray and 5SRW method , which will begin this section by presenting us great artists of our profession .


What should we know about Jesus Oscar Salmeron ? ( Mediarender Studio)

How would actually rate the 3D design industry ? Would you say that 3D design is a sector that can grow and evolve ?

The sector of the 3D design is in continuous evolution, are becoming increasingly more sectors that rely on the 3d technology to investigate or represent their products, we could put the medicine as an example, applications for mobile, augmented reality. Therefore say almost without fear of equivocation that 3d is on the rise.


You’re entitled Method trainer 5RW , in what is this method?

Actually, I am the official Instructor method 5SRW, currently, only one in Spain, and Vray Certified Professional. We have the first Certified Center in Spain, located in Malaga, in the Yellow Bricks School.

The method 5SRW means 5 Steps Render Workflow. This method was created following the investigation of a set of procedures for the creation of a realistic render, with this whole set is comes to the conclusion, that if we make in an orderly manner a series of steps and without skipping lightly none of them, we will arrive to get amazing results and with a absolute control of the whole scene. These steps are the following:

Full scene

Balance of light

Creating materials

Rendering end

Color correction.

For more information on this method can visit the web

































What tools do you use for making your amazing 3d designs?

The tools that I used for my daily work are, in terms of hardware 2 Intel Xeon , K4000 Quadro graphics and Wacom tablet. In terms of software, I think that as the majority of which we are here, 3dsMax and Vray for modeling as an engine of render, i am loving some Plugins as Forest Pro and Railclone of Itoosoft, some of the brand VizPark, and Motiva Colima, this one very useful for modifications for “special” customers.


Have you been hard the beginnings?

I have worked for the field of architecture around 18 years and I understand quite well with it. I can tell you that the beginnings are always hard, but also the day to day, not only by the treatment with the client, which in the end by them we are here, if not by be in continuous training, particularly in software.


What services you offer to companies that hire you?

In Mediarender we offer, above all, services of architectural visualization and everything related to this discipline. We offer services to architects, decorators, designers, interior designers of all kinds.


Do you think it is important to have a marketing strategy on the Internet?

Absolutely essential, today if you are not on the internet don’t exist. A good choice today and also free of charge, are social networks to give you to know, of course, there are many more ways, but it’s a good way to begin.


And finally, what advice would you give to 3d designers that are starting?

My advice, i would say that appreciate the work they do and do not be underestimated, thing that some people will try to make. This work is really exciting and if you love him in truth you can go far.

Finally thank Alejandro Fanjul for giving me this great opportunity, and for what they need from me, here you will be able to meet. A greeting to all.


 If you want to know more about Oscar Salmeron, you can visit the website of his study or follow him on his facebook profile .



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