Interview with… Mohsen Hashemi

Interview with… Mohsen Hashemi

Today , we are fortunate to interview a great Iranian artist. He dominates the light with great skill, and is a specialist in interior


What do we need to know about you?

I´m Mohsen Hashemi, born in iran. Since I was a child I always had the dream too want bigger.

With passing the years I try to make my condition to start architecture.its not easy here too achieve your demands, but I don’t stop trying and start it.

After years I have a good condition in design and architecture and visualization but I steel think for greater posiostion in this field.

Its very important too have dreams.


Would you say that the 3D design is a sector that can grow and evolve in the coming years?

Over time, and development of visualization tools its really good for us and clients that can see theyr final result befor implementation. It will be easier for both side and they can changed the final result(it could be the worst part :D) if they don’t like it.


How is your work routine?

in designing and visualizaing the most part for me is to have a scenario, good references and have a great attitude to ,what is going to be happened. The rest of progress could be reach with some test.


What tools do you use for making your amazing 3d designs?

i try to use natural elements or its better that I say that I make my lights or shaders as real world.

Of course its not easy and needs A good understanding of the nature.


In your portfolio we can see many works of interior design, why do so many works of this type?

It can be cause of my clients and some permisions from them that I cant share most of my works.

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You are Iranian, do you live currently there?

Yes I live in Tehran, the Capital city of iran.


And something really important that we would like to ask you, why there are so many good designers 3D in your country?

Actually its not a difficult question because our country iran is the birth place of art and you can understand from thousand years culter and many artworks that exist from that time.


Have you been hard the beginnings?

When I started to work with visualization software, there wasn’t many source of tutorials or objects or maps,so we had many problem for learning and then we have too spend many times for modeling and shadering.

You know there wasn’t any 3d total or gnomon video tutorials and we had to learn many things Experimental.


Do you think it is important to have a marketing strategy on the Internet?

Yes internet marketing can know you too other countries and you can have a conection in all around the world and work international.


And finally, what advice could you give to 3d designers that are starting?

Never Give up,We All Start from the place that you are in now.and try to make a better work than their previous work.

Thank you cgvray for this interview, I hope it be good.


If you want to know more about Mohsen Hashemi, you can visit his website:



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