How To Render Additional Lighting Passes Using The VrayLightSelect

How To Render Additional Lighting Passes Using The VrayLightSelect

Working with Multiple passes opens new possibilities for perpetual  ∞  creative solutions.

In this Video, You’ll learn one of these solutions that saved my day once:

  1. Rendering a New Additional Lighting pass using the VrayLightSelect
  2. Compositing The VrayLightSelect, GI, Reflection
  3. How to Blend the VrayLightSelect and GI using the Raw passes?


Why Rendering Additional Lighting Passes?

One word, to save time, That’s two words!

Instead of re-rendering the image with It’s component ( Materials ..GI.. etc) we could cut the fat and render only a specific lighting pass.

Lighting passes are direct light, which means we don’t need to re-render Indirect Illumination nor the Shaders.

It can be a slow process to render everything from scratch. Imagine 5000 frames!

How To Render  VRayLightSelect pass?

Step 1. Creating the separated light pass:
(Let’s say you have, 1 vray light in the scene and a dome light.)

a. navigate to → render element → add the VRayLightSelect pass from the menus.
b. from the VRayLightSelect pass options → navigate to Lights → Click on Add → then Pick your Vray light from the viewport.
c. Repeat (a. and b.), but this time with the dome light.

Ps: you can rename it as well, VRayLightSelect can turn into → Vray light and dome light, just so you find the passes quickly later in compositing

Step 2. VRayLightSelect pass Compositing:
simply replace the VRayLightSelect with the two VRayLightSelect passes. “vray light pass, dome light pass”.

for the Blending keep the some ” Linear Dodge Add “.


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