HDRI maps VRAY 3dsMax tutorial – How to use HDRI maps

HDRI maps VRAY 3dsMax tutorial – How to use HDRI maps

HDRI maps VRAY 3dsMax tutorial – How to use

HDRI maps VRAY tutorial 3ds Max - How to use

Hello everyone

Today we will show how to properly illuminate an exterior scene in 3dsmax.

How to use HDRI maps to ILLUMINATE an exterior | VRAY tutorial in 3dsMax

We will use the two techniques, VRAY SUN and HDRI.

We will also test the hdri map technique for night scenes.



For the most part, this tutorial is just a starting point for you to learn how to use these types of maps correctly.

Keep in mind that changing the HDR image will completely change the look of the rendering (not just the reflections you see). The color and brightness values come directly from the image. Which means that each pixel in the HDRI contributes not only its color, but also its brightness value to the scene. Changing it to another image will completely replace this information, giving it a very different look, as you can see in the three examples above.
That is why it is very important to use maps that are well compensated, not all hdri are useful and behave as they should.
Thanks for checking out our tutorial. Hope you found it useful and learned something new in the process. Stay tuned for new tutorials in the future.


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