Free Normal map Generator

Free Normal map Generator

This is a program to generate normal-, spec- and displacementmaps from image textures in one go. It supports stack processing and a few other nice features, but has some rough edges and is still in development.


  • Fully multithreaded with OpenMP, will use all available CPU cores
  • Keep Large Detail (see below for details)
  • Fast and easy way to create normal, spec and displacementmaps

Keep Large Detail

One of the things I hate about classic normalmap generators is how they handle large image textures: usually the normalmap is unusable due to fine detail and the whole information about “large detail” (the overall curvature) is lost.

This is a large texture generated the classic way: kld_disabled

When used in a rendering, it will look like this: kld_disabled_render

What the feature I called “Keep Large Detail” does is that it blends a downscaled version of the image over the original image, thus retaining the overall curvature information while still showing fine detail: kld_enabled

Rendered, it looks much better: kld_enabled_render

Planned Features

  • Better blurring algorithm for displacementmaps
  • Ambient occlusion maps


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