Featured Image of the Week 01 Gaurav Kumar

Featured Image by Gaurav Kumar

Featured Image of the Week 01 Gaurav Kumar

Featured Image

This week the featured image on our facebook group has been presented by Gaurav Kumar.


Hi Cgvray Team,

Thank you for reaching out of me,

Here i am

Gaurav Kumar -A published and Award-winning Computer Graphics Professional with more than 5 year of experience in CG industry as a 3D Visualizer/Designer in Architecture and Interior Design. He specializes in Photorealistic Texturing, Lighting & Rendering skills using 3Ds Max,Corona & Vray. 3D Visualization of Architecture, Interiors, Products & Environments, Compositing & Image Editing skills.

Born in Delhi & artist by heart; I started my 3d Visualization as a hobby in 2010. It grew into a full time profession, when after gaining enough skills from my first job, with one of the best visualization companies in India. I chose to continue doing what I do best as a freelance artist. Being a freelance artist meant freedom, flexibility and dreams as limitless as the sky. I kept my commitment to clients for whom I worked, mostly online in terms of time and quality.

This perfect balance helped me enjoy what I do best. Software’s that I use to get my job done are, 3Ds Max & V-ray. They provide me with amazing ease and flexibility and pretty much everything that I need to bring my visualizations to life. V-Ray never stops to amaze me with its photo-realistic rendering possibilities and the ability to make that small tweak that makes all the difference. Combined with an eye for creating interior’s that are fuelled from my passion makes my work as enjoyable as it could get.

I follow and respect great artists of our time. Beautiful designs and ideas never cease to capture my heart. They all, are the building blocks that helped me reach to what I am today

I would like to submit my one interior project called “Bedroom Set-01 ‘Semi Traditional Style

[huge_it_portfolio id=”2″]

Bedroom Set_01 “Semi Traditional Style”

CGI/Design: Gaurav3d, Gaurav Kumar
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max V-Ray Chaos Group Adobe Photoshop
©2016 Gaurav3d- All Rights Reserved
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