Corona Tutorial – Interior scene from beginning to end

Corona renderer tutorial

Corona Tutorial – Interior scene from beginning to end

Corona Renderer

Beginning of the year with a bang for Corona Renderer, with a tutorial of those who, as they say slang really make me want to try out new software.

The Legion Render team has decided to publish a series of six videos that describe “from start to end” the process of creating and defining all useful steps to define an interior renderings with Corona.

The interior archviz is an area that allows you to fully test many features of a rendering engine, both qualitatively and quantitatively from that (you only think of the rendering time in the presence of advanced materials and a quantity of light on average high in the scene, Ed).

The teaching sequence analyzes in a distinct manner in the various stages that mark the creation of an interior renderings: the stage setup, the definition of the various types of materials, post processing (with the use of LightMix and Bloom Glare tool) the lighting and of course the final rendering.

The tutorial was performed substantially with Corona Renderer 1.5, the version currently available commercially. We remind you that Render Legion makes available, through a series of daily build, also the version in development, in this case the Corona 1.6.

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