CGVray Rendering Contest


3D Rendering Contest

3D Rendering Contest –

The purpose of this contest is to highlight the ability of CGI artists to achieve an impactful final image.
Therefore this competition will be open to:

• All those artists who wish to present their works.

• Any 3D software and any rendering engine can be used, as well as all post-production techniques available to each competitor.

• The theme of the contest is completely free, architecture, product, characters, etc …

The contestants must show two images in their participation: RENDER RAW, so that they try to show the crude
rendering (no techniques allowed Post-production), and a second image, after using some techniques already known by all, in which they will show the FINAL IMAGE, being able to use in that process any post-production technique at their fingertips, using photoshop or any other similar software.


CGVray 3D rendering Contest

CGVray 3D rendering Contest