V-Ray physical camera works just like a real world SLR camera

Thank you very much to Sayani Majumder Website Facebook Twitter 3D Artist and a CG enthusiast, who loves to learn and share knowledge. V-Ray physical camera works just like a real world SLR camera. Photographers can understand its various parameters. But it is may be hard to understand for the ones who are new to […]

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V-Ray Materials (How to)

Thanks to Starting up with a new render engine can be a daunting task, especially if you worked with a different render engine for a while, Mental Ray or standard materials as an example. The main issue usually starts up when you don’t know how to make heads or tails of the settings and […]

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studio light

Vray Studio Lightning tutorial

Create a shape like the following with the line tool. Fillet the two vertices as shown.   Make the line enable in renderer and viewport, select rectangular as its type and adjust the length value.   Create a primitive or import your own model. Here, a Torus Knot has been created.   Press F10 or […]

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Vray pool water caustics effect

Pool Model & Materials Before adding the pool water caustics effect I’ll start by creating the pool model itself which is very straight forward, a simple box converted to editable poly with the top polygon removed and  shell modifier to give it some thickness. For the material I use a mosaic texture with light blue color which […]

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How to render an architectural scene with hdri

In this tutorial, we will illuminate  an exterior architectural scene with help from Vray and a HDR image (High Dy­namic  Range Image, or HDRI for short) from Hyperfocal Design. Using 3dsmax and HDRI Skies with the  V-Ray rendering engine will enable us to create super realistic results. Our  HDR sky image will be used to […]

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