Walls & Tiles LE Free

Get this at Vizpark Creating wall and tile materials was never easier. WALLS & TILES is a very easy-to-use 3ds max material that creates procedural walls and floors based on multiple single bitmaps. The auto-loader loads bitmaps from a folder into the corresponding layers for bump, diffuse, reflection and displacement, without the need to […]

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Multi Object Distributer Script

This script allows you to distribute multiple object to another object. Linked objects is handled as one object, if you use ‘Linked as One’ mode. Auto contact to object, rotation setting, Randomize distribution. Homepage URL: Download URL:

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Presets Grass

Tutorial Autograss

Autograss is a plugin for 3dsmax for creating grass, simple and pretty quick if you know well set . This a tutorial of CGvertex See it here  

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debris maker scrip

Debris maker script

Debris Maker 2.0 Release! After putting it off for far too long, I finally got around to polishing this thing up enough to share. Its completely free, for whatever purpose you want. So download it, or not, I am not the boss of you. The Debris Maker has been used in some constituent form for […]

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pipe script

Pipe Dream” script for 3ds Max

Usage Download the .ms file by right clicking on the Download link above and selecting “Save link as…”. Open 3ds Max and click MAXScript -> Run Script. Navigate to the folder where you saved the .ms file, select it and press Open Settings Width The width of the area that should be filled with pipes […]

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Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools C4D

What is it? Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools contains a large palette of tools for CINEMA 4D. These tools allow you to convert any image or video and text to volume pixel, and also they help you to generate mosaic image and generate “matrix” text effect. All those tools can support dynamic body, as well as […]

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Lego Generator Check out my version of the lego generator for 3ds Max primitive plugins. This plugin allows users to quickly and easily generate basic lego shape pieces. Users can use this plugin to generate endless lego sculptures. Check out the plugin. It is FREE for download and works in 3ds Max.

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download   How to install Download diaRhombus (save to any folder). Make sure you download the correct file extension:.mzp Run 3DS MAX Go to main menu: MAX Script -> Run Script… Find and choose your .mzp file 3DS MAX will automatically install the script and you’ll notice about this You can find script there: Create -> Geometry -> DIA-Doca […]

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Creating Realistic grass with proxies

Tutorial by Peter Guthrie This tutorial will show you how to create a field of grass using VRayProxy objects and the VRayScatter plugin. Software used: 3ds Max, V-Ray, VRayScatter (for other alternatives see below), Advanced Painter (free script)

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MultiScatter MultiScatter is a plug-in for 3ds max which works with V-Ray and Mental Ray rendering systems. It is possible to create complicated scenes with a huge amount of objects easy and quickly with the aid of this plug-in. Usually scenes in 3ds max with a great amount of even identical objects take a lot […]

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