Matte painting tutorial

Didier Konings: The Abandoned City From Artstation Didier Konings is the talented Lead Digital Matte Painter at Aaron Sims Company. His movie credits include: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Wonder Woman, Hidden, The Space Between Us, and Star Track. In this tutorial Didier walks you through his process for creating a matte painting from […]

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Tips for Retouching a Night Photograph using Lightroom

Tips for Retouching a Night Photograph using Lightroom A Post By: Serge Ramelli I will show you an experience I had of shooting in the middle of the night after sunset without a tripod. Many monuments don’t allow you to shoot with a tripod but you still want to take a photo. The nicer light […]

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Interior Elevations Tutorial (Video) by Alex Hogrefe . The steps are not difficult in terms of skill required, however, the sequence of steps to build up the elevation plays a big role in the success of the final image as well as maintaining control of all of the layers. The video is broken down into 6 steps which are summarized below […]

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Painting Light: Exterior Glass

Great tutorial about Painting Light: Exterior Glass By: Not everyone has the capabilities to render huge models with a ton of lights. I am one of those people where more times than not I have to manually add light to my illustrations because I don’t have the computing power. At first, this method can seem […]

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Post Production Tutorial – Inserting and correcting people

By After many e-mails and requests on how to insert people into architectural visualisation scenes, the time has come to share with you all. Hopefully this tutorial can satisfy a lot of the curiosity in regards to inserting people and how to go about it. Enjoy it and let me know your thoughts! See […]

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Using the Lens Correction Filter in Photoshop

by Lauren Scott Lens correction techniques help to fix perspective issues that can occur when you take an image at an angle. In architectural photography, it’s one of the most common problems – when you shoot a tall building for example, it looks as though the vertical edges of the building are bending inwards. In […]

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