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Magda Torres Gurza interview

This week we have left our studio, full of computers, screens, cables, etc … and we visited an incredible artist: Magda Torres, someone who has the skill and luck to be able to capture reality with her brushes. Magda Torres Gurza´s interview This week we are lucky to have the presence of this incredible Mexican artist. […]

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Google Earth Studio

Google has announced Google Earth Studio, a new browser-based animation tool that allows the user to keyframe the position and field of view of cameras, the sun’s position and more in Google Earth. Camera data can then be exported for post-work in After Effects. A Google account and Chrome is required to sign up for the […]

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Richard Estes

RICHARD ESTES Estes belongs to a large tradition of artists who have painted the city of New York. It is famous for its urban landscapes of the Downtown and Upper West Side of Manhattan, which highlights its deep knowledge of the different buildings of the city, its infrastructure and its inhabitants. Although he was not […]

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Spline Refiner 3dsMax script

Spline Refiner 3dsMax script

Developed by Spline Dynamics, Spline Refiner is a 3dsMax script to automatically subdivide your entire splines uniformly without losing any detail! Spline Dynamics has released Spline Refiner, a plugin for 3DS Max that subdivides splines without changing their fundamental shape. It works by adding detail only where is needed and claims to produce better results than […]

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Learning From The Masters : Gregory Crewdson’s Urbanscapes

Learning From The Masters : Gregory Crewdson’s Urbanscapes From Horoma.com website About the photographer… Gregory Crewdson is an American photographer born 26 September 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. His work mainly consists of elaborately staged surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. Although his work counts many interior photographs shot in specific soundstage, in the present article […]

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The blog of a friend and at the same time a great architect and 3D artist has made a list of the best studies of architectural visualization in the world. It is interesting to review it and review it from time to time, since as Juan Gayarre says there is much to learn from each […]

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Project Felix

Adobe Project Felix with Chaos Group’s V-Ray

Adobe Project Felix with Chaos Group’s V-Ray At the Max Adobe show last year Adobe announced that it was moving into the 3D space, in a very limited but focused way. Adobe showed publicly for the first time their new 3D Application named Project Felix. The aim of this new string in the Creative suite […]

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Marmoset Toolbag

MARMOSET TOOLBAG Toolbag is a full-featured real-time rendering, animation, and baking suite, providing artists a powerful and efficient workflow for all stages of production. INTRODUCING TOOLBAG 3 The highly anticipated third version of Marmoset Toolbag is now available! We’ve been working diligently to make sure that Toolbag 3 exceeds expectations. Check out some of the […]

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Interiorism ideas

20+ Brilliant DIY Shelves For Your Home

Whether you need something for storage or you want to add a touch of décor to your home, shelves are the perfect solution for your needs. In this post, we have a great collection of some personalized shelving projects for your home that won’t break the bank. These creative ideas are all provided with lots […]

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Fallingwater House with its Drawings And Plans

From: architecture admirers http://www.architectureadmirers.com/ The most viewed house on net and the house on the list that you must “to visit before you die”. If this is not enough as a reason to keep reading and opening the gallery bellow, than read the title again. The photos on this post are showing the drawings how this […]

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