Alex Hogrefe blog

Alex Hogrefe blog

Nice blog of this artista with a lot of tutorials and resources

About Alex:

He created his website in the summer of 2009 while a student at Miami University of Ohio working towards a Master of Architecture degree. The original intention was to use the website as a means to communicate to my instructors the progress I was making on my thesis work. However, the site quickly turned into a place to upload all of my thoughts, work, and experiments, whether it had to do with thesis or not. While my background has always been architecture, I’m constantly experimenting with all things visual. I still post my photography and drawings as these mediums play a large part in my understanding of proportion, layout, composition, lighting, and many other factors that directly relate to architectural illustrations. At the end of the day though, it all comes back to architecture and architecture illustrations. It’s my biggest creative outlet and what I live to do.


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