Why advertise?

The web has grown and evolves every day more quickly and in this era your website / product requires exposure and investment for its profitability. Advertising is vital to achieve the positioning of your brand / product, attract more customers and publicize the virtues of your products / services.

You may have a better product in the industry, but it is useless to have the best product / service if nobody knows it, this is equivalent to losing the potential buyers of your product / service or not having enough sales.

Website advertising is used to expose your website to the masses in the Internet community. If you have a website, it has considerable costs. To recover the costs of a website and acquire a lucrative flow of traffic, an effective Internet advertising campaign will certainly fill the bill.

Currently advertising can make a big difference to boost your product / business in the market, since the internet has become the most effective means of communication for an advertiser in recent years. In addition to being very effective in publicizing your business, you can access these services without investing large amounts of money.

Given all the potential that the internet has and will have in the future, it is very convenient that you think seriously about advertising your product / service through this medium.

Advertising in CGvray

CGvray is a portal of architecture, art, graphics and 3D animations that captures the attention of people from all areas (from enthusiastic students to professionals) to read current news in the industry, tutorials, interviews, reviews, videos, evaluate the work of others, looking for inspiration and ideas on animation, composting film editing, postproduction techniques, tips, representations of the best and most prominent 3D global enthusiasts professionals, and much more. To continue with this mission and the development of our portal, we would like to present some ways of sponsoring our activities.

  • Placing Banners on our HomePage website.
  • Placing Banners in each of our single items.
  • Placing ads in our newsletters.

Placing Banners on our website

When any company, marketing / advertising professional announces its own product on any website, the main questions that generate uncertainty are how much traffic will this generate on your website? If the same traffic can be generated during the advertising period? How many impressions should you buy to have a solid campaign with a good conversion rate? And the truth is, advertising can generate too much traffic for a particular day and the purchased impressions can reach the limit in 3 days.

But CGvray provides you banner advertising on our website, CGvray charges you monthly and offers you a guaranteed minimum number of impressions. What it means is that you will have advertising throughout the month in your desired location, whether we have an unlimited increase in traffic and also touch the guaranteed minimum impressions of your campaign, in addition to all the benefits that advertising provides itself, our Advertising banners are also not blocked by ad blockers by default, as in other sites. If for any reason we can not give the guaranteed minimum impressions in the set period (which is hardly possible), then your advertising banner will be executed free of charge during the period necessary to achieve the guaranteed minimum impressions.

Next, the minimum number of impressions and guaranteed prices. Therefore if you like the minimum impressions guaranteed by the offered price, then it is a win-win situation. Your banner will run on our website depending on your selected location.


CGvray ads
Banner Name Size Period Cost (USD) Minimum Guaranteed Impressions per month
Advertising 1(HomePage) 300 x 250 1 month 49$ 15,000 (15k) + newsletter inclusion
Advertising 2(HomePage) 300 x 600 1 month 50$ 15,000 (15k) + newsletter inclusion
Advertising 3(HomePage) 1000 x 250 1 month 95$ 15,000 (15k) + newsletter inclusion
Advertising 4(SinglePage) 300 x 250 1 month 110$ 15,000 (15k) + newsletter inclusion


So with CGvray you are getting impressions and guaranteed minimum periods, both for the price of one. If you get a better price on another website for the same type of offer, let us know and we will try to match it.

For any questions please contact us.