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The 3D visualization is something that is growing at breakneck pace, thanks to the internet anyone who wants to learn can do so, but although we are all capable of learning, we do not always have all these resources at our disposal.

There are thousands of web sites dedicated to sharing resources of all kinds, but after we lose whole days reading and viewing information that is not as effective as promised by the owners.

Today we created this blog in order to publish it all postproduction techniques and results in a common place.  All professionals and 3D enthusiasts know the importance of post-production to get great results in your scenes.

We will collect tutorials, scenes, tips, renderings of all who have any advice on these techniques.  You may want to start hanging their scenes and explain how you did it or just the end result.

Why this blog?

Every day surfing the net amount of tutorials, resources, models , objects , textures and interesting scenes that make great 3D artists. We met on this blog that many resources that are separate, and to unite artists from all over the world, their works, their knowledge, usually give it away to the world. It is a tribute to them.

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