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3ds Max 2022 plugins

3ds Max has been designed from the start with extensibility in mind. This created a vibrant 3rd party developer community that provides solutions that complement 3ds Max’s features. We know that our users depend on both 3ds Max and 3rd party plugins to realize their projects on time and budget. Therefore, year after year, we continue to extend the capabilities of 3ds Max while improving its quality. Furthermore, we collaborate with the top 3rd party plugin developers to ensure their software is available in time to facilitate a smooth transition of our users to the most recent major release of 3ds Max.

Please find below the 3rd party developers whose plugins are or will soon be available for 3ds Max 2022. Please note that the descriptions of the plugins have been provided by the 3rd party developers and do not constitute statements from Autodesk.  




3DxWare 10.7.2 

The 3DxWare 10 allows you to customize and optimize all 3Dconnexion products for peak performance in just one software. Easily assign application commands to buttons for each application and tailor other useful settings to specific needs. The clean, intuitive interface means the most useful settings are just a click away.



Substance 2.4.3 

Used in combination with Substance Designer, the Substance plugin for 3ds Max gives users the ability to easily create physically based materials by opening and tweaking Substance files.



FumeFX 5.0.8 

FumeFX is a powerful fluid dynamics plugin-in for Autodesk 3ds max, designed for simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosions, and other gaseous phenomena. Unrivaled in its ability to capture the subtlety and complexity of fluid gas behavior it is favored among visual effects artists, game developers, visualization professionals, and everyone else who demand the utmost in realism.



Shotgun 1.1.6  

The Shotgun integration for 3ds Max has been updated for compatibility with 3ds Max 2022. This integration brings the tracking and collaboration features of Shotgun directly to artists working in 3ds Max and helps connect them to the rest of the studio

Navisworks NWC Export utility 

The distributable NWC file exporter lets project teams using Navisworks software generate whole-project models for simulation and analysis. Team members can generate the optimized NWC file directly from design applications without needing a licensed seat of Navisworks. The NWC exporter works with a range of products, including AutoCAD- and Revit software-based products, as well as 3ds Max, Bentley MicroStation, and Graphisoft ArchiCAD software. The NWC file format supports the transfer of both object geometry and associated metadata.


AXYZ design

Anima 4 

Anima is the 3d people animation application developed specifically for architects and designers, ideal for creating amazing 3d animated people quickly and easily!

With its artificial intelligence system, it allows 3d human characters to avoid each other, to get on and off stairs, escalators, tracks, and moving sidewalks. With an incredibly simple workflow, you can create complex crowd simulations in seconds.

Boomer Labs 

MAX2AE 4.3


MAX2AE is a full-featured plugin for 3ds Max that bridges the gap between Max and After Effects. Finally an easy, accurate and highly efficient way to integrate After Effects elements into your Max renders, matching all aspects and parameters of Max cameras, lights, and objects.

Vexus 4.0





Vexus is a standalone node-based editor designed for Scene Assembly and Render Pass Management in 3ds Max and is a superior replacement to RPM, Scene States, or LPM. The unique design of Vexus allows users to work with massive scenes for any kind of project, both small and large. Vexus removes repeating scene setup work with its dynamic tokening system and flexible framework. Artists can save, reuse, and share setups.  New in version 4.0 is scene assembly capability which allows the user to capture and recall object properties including position across rendering passes.

GeoMaps 1.4


GeoMaps is a collection of 3ds Max maps that allows the user to shade the underlying object based on its geometry. This unique capability permits geometry-based shading – a capability not previously available on with 3ds Max.

pMorph 1.3


pMorph is a 3ds Max plugin that delivers Progressive Morphing – the ability to have the animation of a modified object be driven by the selection of frame(s) from the animation of another object.

Super Mesher 1.9


SuperMesher is a 3ds Max plugin that allows users to cache animated geometry regardless of its topology and number of objects including pFlow particles. The cache is baked out to a separate file which can be loaded into any version of 3ds Max 2015 or higher. No reference is held to the original objects so they can be deleted or modified without consequence. Because the result is one single mesh, SuperMesher automatically generates appropriate material IDs and Multi-Sub materials.

Changes: Installer fix, Stability fixes.

NewView 1.2





NewView is a 3ds Max plugin that allows users to view their scenes using a detached, time-independent viewport.

NewView VR 1.1





NewView VR is a 3ds MAX plugin that allows users to view their scenes in real-time with the Oculus Rift headset.



Thinking Particles 6.10 

thinkingParticles just got upgraded in value – Big Time! With its latest release, thinkingParticles now comes integrated with the fastest and most affordable Physically Based Spectral Path Tracing renderer for 3ds Max: finalRender. Yes, you read that right – for the first time in thinkingParticles release history we are able to offer a true continuous OpenVDB workflow on 3ds Max. Start to finish – all in one place – all in one tool!

No longer is there any need to switch tools or break workflows. Work with massive OpenVDB operations inside of 3ds Max – and thanks to thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 10 – those massive data sets can easily be handled and visualized. Set up Your visual effects and render – it’s that simple!
With the addition of OpenVDB PointDataGrid support, and highly efficient GPU accelerated NanoVDB rendering through finalRender at no extra cost, the 3ds Max VFX Powerhouse just became elevated to new heights.

FinalRender Drop 5 



finalRender Subscription Drop 5 is not only about direct rendering industry-standard OpenVDB volumes. It is so much more! With its full OptiX™ RTX framework support, specifically optimized for Ray Tracing performances on the GPU, architects and general 3D visualization artists benefit from an ever-increasing power to visualize.

trueHybrid De-Noiser options have also been enhanced, in this latest release, and take full advantage of either the GPU or CPU.


Chaos Group

Corona Renderer 6 Hotfix 2 

Corona Renderer is a high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer with a focus on realism, ease of use, and affordability, all without any sacrifice in quality and power. The render engine is for those who want to focus on being artists rather than technicians and is widely used and well-loved by those working in architectural visualization, automotive rendering, product visualization, and more thanks to its intuitive workflow and defaults that work out of the box. Version 6 Hotfix 2 brings compatibility with 3ds Max from versions 2014 up to the latest release.

Chaos-Vray 5 Update 1 

Chaos V-Ray is the software of choice for high-profile companies operating in everything from architecture and design to visual effects in film and television. Whether it’s advertising living spaces for IKEA or bringing Thanos to life in the Avengers movies, Chaos’ physically based rendering engine is built for quality, optimized for speed—and ready to scale. Get Update 1 for V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max 2022.

Chaos Phoenix  

Chaos Phoenix is a dynamics simulator that seamlessly integrates with Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray. Phoenix is capable of a wide range of effects including fire, smoke, liquids, flames, explosions, rigid body simulations, ocean waves, mist, and splashes to list just a few. Quick presets and fast setup make it easy to get started, and its powerful simulation engine offers complete control over more complex effects. Get the latest Phoenix update.





GrowFX 2.0

GrowFX is a parametric modeling plugin for 3ds Max, allowing to generate any vegetation: trees, bushes, grasses, flowers, vines, etc. Plants can interact with other objects of the scene. Also, the plugin allows customizing any animation, such as the wind effect or the growth of plants from seeds. GrowFX allows to implementation of any ambitious idea of animated vegetation.


iCube R&D Group 



MultiScatter 1.823  

One of the most popular scattering plug-ins for 3ds Max developed since 2007. A big list of supported rendering engines with SDK provided for adding any others.

MadCar 3.067  

MadCar is a plug-in for quick rigging of wheeled vehicles and their animations by simulating the control.  It supports any number of wheels, and with any of their mutual arrangements including motorcycles. Any number of trailers is also supported.

SplineLand 1.051 

SplineLand helps to generate topographically accurate terrains from topographical data or a set of splines as well as lay roads.

VRayPattern 1.084  

VRayPattern is a 3d procedural texture that allows you periodically multiply geometry without extra memory consumption, which is fundamentally different from the technologies that are used in scattering plug-ins.

CityTraffic 2.035  

CityTraffic creates car traffic flow for urban visualizations, populate city with thousands of cars, buses and trucks, it has a flexible road system with parking, bus stops, traffic lights, bridges, and complicated roundabouts, dynamics calculation makes driving on complicated surfaces more realistic, and the AI system helps cars to operate independently.


iToo Software

ForestPack 7.09 

Forest Pack provides a complete solution for creating vast areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground cover, rocks, and more. Countless studios rely on Forest Pack’s production-tested algorithms and native shaders to render scenes with virtually unlimited numbers of objects and polygons, all without putting a strain on computer resources.

Forest Pack 7 was recently released with support for 3ds Max 2022, the ability to scatter lights, color correct entire scatters manage libraries more efficiently with a new browser, export to real-time engines, and much more. Forest Pack includes an extensive free library of assets such as trees, bushes, flowers ground cover, and more. Forest Pack 7 includes two invaluable new collections of tree stumps and cut hedges.

RailClone 4.3 

RailClone is a unique array-based approach to asset creation, is fast, efficient, and easy to learn. Use the convenient node-based editor to create rules that combine, sequence, transform, deform, slice, bevel, and distribute instanced geometry or proxies. Create variation by randomizing objects, UV mapping, and material IDs.

In addition to supporting 3ds Max 2022, the latest maintenance release add a significant performance boost for styles with many operations, new ways to take control of deformation, and brand new macros. With RailClone, creating sophisticated parametric models has never been simpler.


Kinematic Lab 

PhysXPainter 2.0

Quickly populate your scenes with your assets in a very natural way. Using a brush, it automatically places them with Rigid bodies simulation.

Dorito 1.02 

A Dorito Effect modifier to quickly create a Helper that sits on top of a deformed geometry and deforms it as a second deformation layer while avoiding double transformations.

MatCap Library 1.0

This is a tool to simplify the use of Matcaps inside 3ds Max. It’s very useful for making quick previs, layout, testing shaders, and colors before going into really building shaders and rendering. You can put any matcap files in your own folder structure to browse them easily and search by name. Apply them to selected objects and adjust their colors, rotate and flip, adjust shadow intensity, etc.

Roll 1.0 

Roll any geometry over the ground like if it was a physique simulation, with full artistic control over its animation.

Chaos 1.0 

A parametric Spline object for 3ds Max using “Strange attractor” equations. It creates fascinating mathematic shapes. 29 different Equations, each one with its own variables. Use these splines to drive particles, path deform, path constraints, etc, or just for the beauty of these math shapes.

TopoLogiK 1.13 

Retopology tool for 3ds Max. It brings a more procedural, parametric, and efficient approach to retopology in 3ds Max.

VecMap Tools 1.04

A toolset to paint and use vector maps inside 3ds Max.  This tool allows you to paint vector maps directly on your meshes, and use them to drive Pflow and Tyflow particles, UV or mesh deformations, Vray Fur, etc.

Mesh Insert 1.15 

Speeds up your modeling process by replacing face selections with an asset from your own Kitbash library.

UI Toolkit 1.01 

A series of 3ds Max scripted plugins, to quickly create modern & sci-fi UI and motion graphics directly in 3ds Max.  With a lot of procedural parameters and ways to animate and link them together.

OverMorpher WorldSpace 1.0 

Sculpt your poses in animation at a specific time, and your corrective poses are blended on top of your mesh deformations. It can be applied on top of any mesh deformations like a skin modifier, a point cache, a cloth simulation, an alembic cache. Very useful to add cartoony deformations, like smear frames, squash&stretch, change the silhouette, correct a cloth simulation.

OverMorpher PoseSpace 1.0 

Pose Space deformation modifier.

OverMorpher MeshSpace 1.0

Morph on top of an animated mesh.  It can be placed over a skin modifier or anything like a point cache or an alembic. Each morph target follows the deformation of a vertex reference, so whatever the animation does before the modifier, the morph will always follow properly.  That’s really handy to add and animate deformations that your rig can’t do or add different morphologies to copies of the same animated mesh.

F-A-S-T 1.0 

You don’t need to create additional objects to control your rigs anymore, everything is triggered by predefined mesh zones and your mouse movements. So the advantage is that it doesn’t slow down your scene by adding more elements, and most of all, you can control your rig directly on the mesh, without any visual interference, painful Controller selection, or separate UI. Everything becomes very obvious and intuitive. It seems very obvious that it will work well on facial rigs, but you can really control a lot of different types of rigs.

EchOoo PRO 1.0 

This tool is inspired by tools you can find in 2D animation software, like the Onion Layers in Flash or the Echo effect in After Effects. It’s a 3ds Max object where you can pick different sources and offset their time animation, but also divide this time offset by the number of source copies you want.

PflowTM 1.0 

To mesh particle trajectories with growing meshes. Different mesh choices and growing options. All you can do with PFlow, you can mesh its animation with this tool, and create nice motion graphics effects.

Atom 1.0 

It creates similar effects as you can see in After Effect’s Plexus. Atom uses Particle Flow to generate lines, points, and faces between the particles. So all you do with Pflow can be used by Atom, any simulation, MassFX particles, etc.

Combine 1.0 

Combine multiple animated meshes into one without losing their animations and deformations.

SnowGun Painter 1.0 

To create snow exactly where you want, but it could be used for many different things.

FurGuides Painter 1.0 

Speed up your Hair&Fur, Ornatrix, and HairFarm fur workflow.

Bezier Attractor 1.0

Attract, repulse, rotate vertices around a spline You can easily create nice wave deformations, splashes, vortexes, and a lot of different organic deformations.





Laubwerk Player 


Laubwerk Player is a loader for Laubwerk’s intelligent plant models, featuring drag-and-drop simplicity and easy-to-use tools for modifying the shape, age, season, and level of detail. Laubwerk’s authentic 3D plants are bundled in lines of content packages Plants Kit Freebie and Plants Kit 1-15.


Marius Silaghi’s Plugins

Clothify Pro 1.01  

Clothify Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that makes modeling and animating cloth easy, controllable, artist-friendly, fast, and non-destructive.

Path Deform Pro 1.01  

Path Deform Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that deforms models along a path without causing self-intersections, unlike the standard Path Deform modifier which produces a lot of self-intersections.

Shell Pro 1.0  

Shell Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that creates a shell around models without causing self-intersections, unlike the standard Shell modifier which produces a lot of self-intersections. Surface details are also preserved very well.

Relax Pro 1.0  


Relax Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that smooths meshes while preserving their volume, unlike the standard Relax which shrinks them a lot.

Contrast Pro 1.0  

Contrast Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that enhances the details of 3d models.

Push Pro 1.0  

Push Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that pushes vertices outwards or inwards while preventing self-intersections from occurring, unlike the standard Push which produces a lot of self-intersections.

TurboTriSmooth 1.03  

TurboTriSmooth is a modifier for 3ds Max that subdivides triangle meshes while producing smoother results and nicer topology than the standard TurboSmooth.

Unwrap Pro 1.04  

Unwrap Pro is a 3ds Max plugin that unwraps meshes while producing low distortion, overlap free, weighted density UVs, unlike the 3ds Max Peel command which produces overlapping UVs with high area distortion.

Deformation Cleaner 1.0  

Deformation Cleaner is a modifier for 3ds Max that smooths arbitrary deformations of a model without smoothing the original detail.

TurboSmooth Pro 1.02  

TurboSmooth Pro is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max which produces nice smooth semi-sharp creases on your models, unlike the ugly creases that the standard TurboSmooth produces.

Tension Morpher 1.0  

Tension Morpher is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max that quickly and easily adds realistic stretch and squash effects to parts of animated characters and objects.

Jiggle 1.01  

Jiggle is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max that adds quickly and easily realistic jiggle motions to parts of animated characters and objects.

Quad Cap Pro 1.01  

Quad Cap Pro is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max that fills borders and ngons with quad polygons, unlike the normal cap tool which produces one big ngon.

Quad Chamfer Modifier 1.16  

The Quad Chamfer Modifier produces all quad chamfers, unlike the normal 3ds Max chamfer which produces a lot of triangles and ngons.

TurboReverse 1.0  

TurboReverse is a 3ds Max modifier that has the opposite effect of TurboSmooth. It will recreate the subdivision levels of an already subdivided mesh with 100% precision maintaining the existing UVs.

Radial Symmetry 1.11  

Radial Symmetry is a modifier for 3ds Max which allows you to model radial structures.



KeyHydra 1.0 





KeyHydra is A User Experience Plugin for 3ds Max to enhance user’s speed and comfort. It is made Made of 3 Parts :

  • KeyHydra Shortcuts: A Smarter Keyboard Shortcuts System (multitap and context-sensitive shortcuts)

  • KeyHydra LazerCut: An in viewport Hardsurface Boolean Toolkit
  • KeyHydra WheelCtrl: A in-viewport Modeling Interaction Method (control modeling settings with the mouse wheel)

KeyHydra now includes as well some modifiers: Linear Clone, Wrap/And Conform, and Circular Clone


Okino Computer Graphics



Celebrating its 25th year as a tightly integrated 3ds Max “technology extender”, PolyTrans|CAD provides highly robust, error-free, and problem-solving 3D file conversion solutions for the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, military, corporate, and 3D production markets. Long-term Okino users will know that our primary focus is on education, awareness, and a better understanding of how to execute MCAD conversions in a logical and sane matter. Dealing with efficient conversion & optimization of ultra-huge models out of Navisworks and Revit has been one of our core specialties for the last 15 years to 3ds Max and Maya users.



Octane Render 2020.2.1


The world’s first and fastest GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderer.



Pulze | Scene Manager


Pulze Scene Manager is a 3ds Max plugin, designed to set up and batch render multiple scenes in a single file.

It is perfect for image drafting, animation sequences, or projects with many variations. Manage your batch render with different resolutions, lighting, output paths or layers, and many more. It boosts productivity in an artist-friendly way.


Pulze | Render Manager


Pulze Render Manager is a simplified solution for managing render capacity and monitoring software and hardware.

It provides instant visual feedback on the fly by checking each and every frame’s progress, remaining time, and even a snapshot of the current state of the render. The “Automatic resource allocation” and “Requirement-based node filtering” ensure maximized capacity utilization.


Sini Software




IgNite 1.23.0


Everyday workflow tools, functions, and MAXScripts.

Scribe 1.23.0


Shapes and splines tools.

Sculpt 1.23.0


Geometry tools.

Illumi 1.23.0


HDRI wizard.

Unite 1.23.0


Relink, archive and re-pathing.

Preflight 1.23.0


Exporting checklist.

SiNiScript 1.23.0


MAXScriptable SiNi functions.

Jumble 1.23.0


Random transform and selection.

Forensic 1.23.0


Scene Inspector.

Disperse 1.23.0


Geometry and proxy painting.

Scatter 1.23.0


Geometry scatter.

SiClone 1.23.0


Parametric array and sweep.

ProxSi 1.23.0


Scene and object security lock.


tyFlow v0.16115 (beta)


Particle simulation tool for 3ds Max.




Wall Worm

Wall Worm Pro Pack 5.0.73

Wall Worm Pro Pack is a suite of plugins and tools to turn 3ds Max into the complete pipeline for assets into the Source Engine. It features a complete set of importers/exporters and allows game developers to complete the entire level design process within 3ds Max.

It includes all of the following tools/plugins:

  • Wall Worm Pro
  • CorVex
  • ShellVex
  • Brushify Modifier (3ds Max 2016 SP2+ only)
  • Arch Primitive
  • Carver
  • ProPal
  • PropLine
  • Normal Tools
  • Detailer
  • Rocky

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