Realistic 3D trees – free

tress 3d model free

Realistic 3D trees – free

Given the popularity of that free gift, we’ve scoured our sources again in search of more useful modeling accessories, and have found another pack to help you make your visualization look that much more real: The helpful crew at Viz-People has offered up a series of realistic 3D trees for insertion into your models.

Every tree is from the same species — birch — but each one has a different trunk shape, coloring and density of foliage, ensuring that your scene will have just the right amount of natural variation. The models are available as OBJ files — ideal for most 3D modeling software — and MAX files, a format developed by Autodesk for use with 3ds Max.

Without further ado, click here to download the trees in the format of your choice now. Here are a few preview images that give a glimpse of what you can download:

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