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Creating wall and tile materials was never easier. WALLS & TILES is a very easy-to-use 3ds max material that creates procedural walls and floors based on multiple single bitmaps. The auto-loader loads bitmaps from a folder into the corresponding layers for bump, diffuse, reflection and displacement, without the need to manually load every single bitmap by hand. Once loaded, you can select one of 16 bond patterns, set the size, randomize position, color and surface, and you are ready to go. The Real-World mapping mode simplifies the use of wall textures in scenes by eliminating the need for individual uv-mapping per object. If you want to create bond patterns with a repeating pattern, just use the Linear Sequence instead of randomized distribution. For more information, please take a look at the reference guide.

Walls & Tiles LE v1.3 GUI

WALLS & TILES is a 3Ds Max scripted plugin with two additional shader map plugins: Crossmap from VIZPARK and BerconTile from Jerry Ylilammi. The script extends a vray / standard material with a gui and remote functions to adjust the containing maps BerconTile and Crossmap in multiple layers. This way, it´s very easy to create, adjust and change materials on the fly.


  • Fast Autoloading of multiple bitmaps
  • Automatic Ratio calculation while loading bitmaps
  • 16 different bond patterns, including herringbone
  • Create custom bond patterns (New in v1.1)
  • Automatic Size based on uv map and tile size (New in v1.3)
  • Add vray displacement modifier incl. map and settings (New in v1.3)
  • Surface, Color and Position randomization
  • Define probability per tile (New in v1.2)
  • Use any procedural or bitmap for mortar (New in v1.2)
  • Normal map support for bump channel
  • Very memory efficient
  • No more tiling and repetition
  • Randomized and sequential placement
  • Real-World and per Object mapping
  • 10 Multitextures of walls and stone floors included

Limitations of the Lite Edition

  • LIMITED to 3 bitmaps per layer
  • NO bitmaps can be added (Append bitmaps disabled)
  • ONLY 3 (of 16) bond patterns are available
  • NO real world mapping mode
  • NO Sequence Order and Random Probability mode
  • Color variation range limited to 20% (of 100%)
  • Random positioning range limited to 20% (of 100%)
  • Rows limited to 100 (1000 in full version)
  • Included texture library limited to 3 bitmaps per layer

Included Basic Library


Walls & Tiles includes a basic high quality multi-texture library for interior tiles, brick walls, and tiled floors. The textures are all hand-edited and include layers for DIFFUSE, BUMP, DISPLACEMENT, REFLECTION and ALPHA layers. All multitextures can be used individually or combined with other multitextures for more flexibility.
Roeben Accum
Roeben Accum (mid)
Roeben Buckingham
Roeben Buckingham (mid)
Roeben Neumarkt II
Roeben Neumarkt II
China Hutong
China Hutong
Berlin Short
Berlin Short
Big White
Big White
Cobblestones I
Cobblestones I
Roman Mosaic
Roman Mosaic
Sidewalk I
Sidewalk I


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