Free scene from Salvatore Talamo

Sal Talamo free scene

Do you want this amazing scene from Salvatore Talamo?
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and you´ll received absolutely free this amazing scene. Named in 2016 like the best scene in TREDDI.COM

Sal Talamo free scene

Free scene. Amazing gift from this great cgi artist Sal Talamo

Sal Talamo, As promised in his interview with our blog two weeks ago, here is the link for downloading this awesome scene.
So much so, that has been declared as the best scene of 2016 by the Italian website design 3d

It is not necessary to be a great expert to see that this incredible scene (apparently simple) with few elements, has a lot of strength, with a main light coming from the window, probably another support light (barely visible) and other 3 light points (On the lamp) as accents on the scene, makes the lighting clean and enhances the 3d character we all want to apply in our scenes.
No areas too dark or too burnt.
On the other hand care in the choice and creation of materials is also a very important section.

The flooring and the back wall are amazing.

Please visit Sal Talamo facebook site:

Sal talamo give us this award winning scene in 3dsmax and Corona, it was the winner of the best scene in 2016 in

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Sal Talamo free scene

Sal Talamo free scene

Sal Talamo free scene

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  1. Hi, I like the page and registered on the site, how do I get the link to download the scene?

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