Creating a 3D Building and Interior in 3ds Max: Modeling

In this great two-part tutorial from Devin Rolsen, we will learn how to model a complete 3D building with a multi-level interior and roof access in 3ds Max. Devin takes us through the process step-by-step, leading to the completion of a building he’s designed for use in the Unity 3D game engine.     How […]

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Group test: AMD and Nvidia professional GPUs 2013

Choosing the right professional GPU isn’t easy. Bringing our comprehensive graphics card group test up to date, Jason Lewis puts 11 of Nvidia and AMD’s current contenders through a battery of real-world benchmarks. http://www.cgchannel.com/2013/11/group-test-amd-and-nvidia-professional-gpus-2013/

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CG Society Challenge

The Foundry and CG Society proudly present our 2013 MARI Challenge!MARI is the VFX industry-standard 3D digital paint tool and we’re looking for the world’s best MARI artist. Are you up for a challenge? This year, the famous designer Harald Belker has graciously supplied us with a sci-fi hover bike. Harald’s vehicle and prop designs […]

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Render Elements inEdition Workstation

GPU rendering has been slowly advancing since arriving on the scene several years ago. While the technology can significantly redude render times, the widespread use of GPU-accelerated engines for final frame production rendering has yet to materialize. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the landscape is set to change with Chaos Group’s […]

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Cutout People Free

To get our blog started we are giving away free cutout people. These are free to be used on commercial projects aswell. Here’s a preview of the collection. Use link to download: LUMIRE FREE CUTOUT PEOPLE VOL 1.rar http://lumire.fi/free-cutout-people/    

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Centro de Talasoterapia en Gijón

La parcela se sitúa en el Puerto Deportivo de Gijón, en un relleno que se le ganó al mar mediante la construcción de un nuevo dique que creó un espacio triangular de 5.900m² donde se construyó el edificio.         El edificio proyectado, prácticamente rodeado por el Mar Cantábrico, adopta perfil de proa […]

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Marvelous Designer tutorial – Round Cushion

          By: Austris CIngulis I’ve been exploring Marvelous Designer for while now. It’s a fun piece of software and pretty powerful too and I think it can be a great asset to arch viz. Most of the available info however is about modeling clothes. This is not what I want to […]

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