Interview Corey Rubadue – Product Manager for V-Ray for SketchUp

          Interview Corey Rubadue – Product Manager for V-Ray for SketchUp Welcome to the arena of SketchUp-ur-Space. Make a brief introduction about yourself and Chaos Group. My name is Corey Rubadue and I’m the Product Manager for V-Ray for SketchUp. I’m also an architect that has used V-Ray for architectural visualization […]

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Post Production technique for Architectural Renderings

          This video demonstrates my basic workflow in photoshop; which means depending on the scene, I sometimes employ other techniques if I find it necessary (i.e. for more realistic results, I use 10-15+ render elements).   Thanks to: Mark Lester Ocampo http://youtu.be/RdmcB9VbzH4 https://www.facebook.com/kewl1291/media_set?set=a.627570360593356.1073741825.100000211936780&type=3  

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Photo Tutorial — Hunger White

          Let’s find out how this dark side of the Snow White fairytale was envisioned and photographed… http://500px.com/blog/800/photo-tutorial-hunger-white?utm_campaign=Recommended+Reading-11-10-2013&utm_medium=email&utm_source=photo-tutorial-hunger-white

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2 Methods to make a Solid 3D Model using SketchUp

          This video describes 2 different methods of creating a 3 dimensional model which Google SkethcUp will recoginze as a “solid” component or “solid group”. This is a necessary identification if you would like to convert your model into an .stl file which can be printed on a 3D printer  

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Custom lights in Vray

          It’s time to learn how to make some cool custom lights in Vray. Let’s also see how we can add constraints to them so it’s easier to move them around in our scene.  

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