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This week we open a new section on our site dedicated exclusively to the CG artist Sal Talamo.

Salvatore Talamo´s interview & Free Scene

Sal Talamo.- This week we are lucky to have the presence of this incredible Italian artist.
Seeing his works we understand that we are before a person who dominates the light, the materials and of course the composition.
His extensive experience has led him to win awards and recognitions, but we believe his best reward is that all those who watch his renders admire the serenity and energy they convey.

Sal Talamo

–              What do you think we should know about you?

Hi, my name is Sal Talamo, I am 52 years old and I work on computer graphics, by age 25 years. Working as a freelance and I collaborate with various studies, of which our .I studied 3d max the earliest versions, when I started there were no computer graphics courses


 –             Would you say the 3D design is a sector that can grow and evolve in the coming years?

3d Design is growing day by day, and is the future for us and for our children.  As for the work of our customers, we run everything commissions, modeling, materials and lighting; (but in the end I do a bit as I say!).Instead, for some render that place a little everywhere on social networks, are nothing more than test, I do to test my materials, models and render engines.


 –              How is your work routine and what tools do you use for making your amazing 3d designs? That is, what modeling software do you use, rendering engine, and we would also like to know what plugins you use that make your work a little easier and faster ?

As setup for my works I use  3d Max ,Corona Render,Vray,Phoenix FD and RealFlo

For fast works as a plugin use,Corona  Render, not because it is faster, but because I have made a wealth of materials and experience.


 –              Seeing the works that appear in your facebook profile, We have seen that you have decided to change to Corona and to forget of Vray, why?

I decided to use Corona Render, because she gives me a chance ‘to express myself as I want, and in my opinion is much more heat than other renderers.


–              In your portfolio we can see many works of interior design, why do so many works of this type?

           I  make 3d interior, because I commissioned many internal, but as study, we both exterior .interior furniture animations etc.

–              You are from …… , do you live currently there?

I’m  Italian, of Manfredonia, province of Foggia, for business reasons, always in the field of computer graphics, I live in Bucharest.


 –              Florence is quite close to the city where you live, have you had any contact with Starte Art of Academy ?

Florence, is a beautiful city, and the city of art in Italy, but I’ve never had contact with the Art Academy.


 –              Have you been hard the beginnings?

As soon as I started the computer graphics, 25 years ago, I looked like a junkie, I was not sleeping at night.

After the third day, I had installed 3d Max, walking the streets, and everything I looked I saw it in 3D, and I thought in how many moves modeling  I can do this: (yes, the beginning  was difficult, because we have learned to model with the manual, not video tutorials)

Sal Talamo

–              Do you think it is important to have a marketing strategy on the Internet?

It is important to have a marketing strategy on the internet.

Sal Talamo

–              We are somewhat surprised because although we have searched, we have not found any web of your own, we have only seen profiles in social networks, why does this happen? how can a freelance live without this tool? (We have found tracing your email a web,, is yours?)

As a reference referring Web site and my colleague longtime Roberto Russo work worldwide.

As a freelancer you found on all social nettwork, and sites in the industry, so direct arrivals to the customer.

Sal Talamo

–              What advice could you give to 3d designers that are starting?

The advice I would give to beginners are:

            1 learn to shape;

            2 to put something of his own, personal, inside of a scene;

            3 to get the materials personally, because after f9, (to start the render) you would feel more satisfied.

            4 if we truly believe in the computer graphics, it can become a real job and not a hobby.

 –              We would like to ask you something, it is something we do with all our interviewees, do you have any gifts for our readers? Maybe some 3D model made by you, a scene, a tutorial or making off?

As a gift for readers to CGVRAY, I send a scene to download made with 3d Max / Corona Render Awards where I won in 2016 for the best scene.

1st Free scene. Amazing gift from this great cgi artist Sal Talamo

Sal Talamo, As promised in his interview with our blog two weeks ago, here is the link for downloading this awesome scene.
So much so, that has been declared as the best scene of 2016 by the Italian website design 3d

It is not necessary to be a great expert to see that this incredible scene (apparently simple) with few elements, has a lot of strength, with a main light coming from the window, probably another support light (barely visible) and other 3 light points (On the lamp) as accents on the scene, makes the lighting clean and enhances the 3d character we all want to apply in our scenes.
No areas too dark or too burnt.
On the other hand care in the choice and creation of materials is also a very important section.

The flooring and the back wall are amazing.

Please visit Sal Talamo facebook site:

Sal talamo give us this award winning scene in 3dsmax and Corona, it was the winner of the best scene in 2016 in

Send us an email to and i´ll send you the password



2nd Free scene. Another gift from this great cgi artist Sal Talamo

This week Sal Talamo wanted to give us another impressive scene created by himself.
As always, his works, clean, clear, stand out for the careful composition of the scene, the collation of the camera, the control of light, and of course, the incredible use of materials.
The wall, the old wood, the metal of the lamp, make the whole scene have a lot of interest in sight and really look like a product catalog photo.
Congratulations to this incredible artist, and many thanks for giving us this amazing scene completely FREE.




Check the link to this scene:

Send us an email to and i´ll send you the password



  1. Happy to read sal talamo interview… very inspiring interview. Fabulous…. truly artistic render….god bless…..

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    I’m interested in these marvelous scenes, and already send you an email to
    I’m eager to learn from this artist for a very long time now, but as in a previous post, the links are very difficult to get.
    Thank you for your answer.

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