Create Blurred Car Lights

Traffic light trails 3dsMax 3ds Max tutorial. Create blurred car lights in your night visualizations. Thanks to MICHAŁ FRANCZAK and Evermotion To create believable night city visualization, we need to follow some rules of photography. One of them is maitaining “realistic” shutter speed. In the night, when there is small amount of light, we make photos with […]

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Speed up your renders in 3ds Max

Guide to rendering: Speed up your renders in 3ds Max locally and on a render farm 05/03/2016/in 3D, Blog, Technical /by admin I’ve seen countless projects that were poorly optimized for rendering and resulted in long render times, high RAM usage and unnecessary size on hard drive. My experience with working on personal projects and […]

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convert cameras

Convert standard camera to VRay Physical Camera

Convert standard camera to VRay Physical Camera Convert cameras. Many times it has happened to me that I have been given a scene in 3dsmax with the camera already placed exactly in the place that the client wants. If I create a new camera vray, there are many steps that I have to take to […]

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Corona renderer tutorial

Corona Tutorial – Interior scene from beginning to end

Corona Renderer Beginning of the year with a bang for Corona Renderer, with a tutorial of those who, as they say slang really make me want to try out new software. The Legion Render team has decided to publish a series of six videos that describe “from start to end” the process of creating and […]

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Interior Lightning tutorial by Saeed Amiri

Today a interior lightning tutorial by the great cg artist Saeed Amiri Please visit his site: Hey guys I have shared with u the render setup used for this image , plus lighting and camera settings. In this scene i have used a dome light with HDRI for general lighting , besides using sky […]

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Making a Waterfall in 3DS Max

  Thanks to By Jefferson I like to set myself up with a problem or challenge when I’m learning something. For a 3D scene I’m currently working on I wanted to add a waterfall. Sounds simple, but I wanted it to be animated, to really look like water was moving through a channel, over the edge, […]

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PHOTOSHOP: 28 Powerful Hidden Tips, Tricks, & Features!

Photoshop is one of the most feature-rich and loaded applications on the software market today. You can use the application for 20 years and still not know many of the things you can do with Photoshop. This tutorial is going to rip the mask off of 28 hidden features within Photoshop that I love. Some […]

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How To Render Additional Lighting Passes Using The VrayLightSelect

Working with Multiple passes opens new possibilities for perpetual  ∞  creative solutions. In this Video, You’ll learn one of these solutions that saved my day once: Rendering a New Additional Lighting pass using the VrayLightSelect Compositing The VrayLightSelect, GI, Reflection How to Blend the VrayLightSelect and GI using the Raw passes? RECAP:: Why Rendering Additional Lighting […]

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V-Ray physical camera works just like a real world SLR camera

Thank you very much to Sayani Majumder Website Facebook Twitter 3D Artist and a CG enthusiast, who loves to learn and share knowledge. V-Ray physical camera works just like a real world SLR camera. Photographers can understand its various parameters. But it is may be hard to understand for the ones who are new to […]

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