Learning From The Masters : Gregory Crewdson’s Urbanscapes

Learning From The Masters : Gregory Crewdson’s Urbanscapes From website About the photographer… Gregory Crewdson is an American photographer born 26 September 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. His work mainly consists of elaborately staged surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. Although his work counts many interior photographs shot in specific soundstage, in the present article […]

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The blog of a friend and at the same time a great architect and 3D artist has made a list of the best studies of architectural visualization in the world. It is interesting to review it and review it from time to time, since as Juan Gayarre says there is much to learn from each […]

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Project Felix

Adobe Project Felix with Chaos Group’s V-Ray

Adobe Project Felix with Chaos Group’s V-Ray At the Max Adobe show last year Adobe announced that it was moving into the 3D space, in a very limited but focused way. Adobe showed publicly for the first time their new 3D Application named Project Felix. The aim of this new string in the Creative suite […]

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Marmoset Toolbag

MARMOSET TOOLBAG Toolbag is a full-featured real-time rendering, animation, and baking suite, providing artists a powerful and efficient workflow for all stages of production. INTRODUCING TOOLBAG 3 The highly anticipated third version of Marmoset Toolbag is now available! We’ve been working diligently to make sure that Toolbag 3 exceeds expectations. Check out some of the […]

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Interiorism ideas

20+ Brilliant DIY Shelves For Your Home

Whether you need something for storage or you want to add a touch of décor to your home, shelves are the perfect solution for your needs. In this post, we have a great collection of some personalized shelving projects for your home that won’t break the bank. These creative ideas are all provided with lots […]

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Fallingwater House with its Drawings And Plans

From: architecture admirers The most viewed house on net and the house on the list that you must “to visit before you die”. If this is not enough as a reason to keep reading and opening the gallery bellow, than read the title again. The photos on this post are showing the drawings how this […]

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Already you know Substance Designer?

Substance Designer is a node-based non-destructive application for creating materials. Edit complete texture sets fast with the non-linear workflow and see your changes apply simultaneously to all your outputs. Unleash the power of Substance Designer and focus on what really matters: your art

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map generator

3D Map Generator 2

With the 3D Map Generator 2 it’s easy to create impressive isometric 3D maps. A simple shape turns into a 3 dimensional object with just a few clicks. And with the aid of many powerful tools from the panel it develops to a professional 3D map in no time at all. Design your own little […]

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Still you pay for hdri maps?

Although there will be sites lamenting the existence of this site, we propose you to know the best site with dozens of HDRI maps of high resolution, completely free and duty-free for use in your projects. Enjoy it!  

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Multitouch Drafting Table for ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS and ENGINEERS

The Platform Drafting Table is a complete ruggedized HD or 4K UHD multitouch table. It features an angled display and is equipped with a powerful integrated PC, single push-button power, and support for up to 100 touch points. Well Connected The Platform Drafting Multitouch Table comes complete with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also […]

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