debris maker scrip

Debris maker script

Debris Maker 2.0 Release! After putting it off for far too long, I finally got around to polishing this thing up enough to share. Its completely free, for whatever purpose you want. So download it, or not, I am not the boss of you. The Debris Maker has been used in some constituent form for […]

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pipe script

Pipe Dream” script for 3ds Max

Usage Download the .ms file by right clicking on the Download link above and selecting “Save link as…”. Open 3ds Max and click MAXScript -> Run Script. Navigate to the folder where you saved the .ms file, select it and press Open Settings Width The width of the area that should be filled with pipes […]

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Tutorial Unwrapping en castellano

Unwrapping – Emplearemos el modificador Unwrap UVW cuando necesitemos texturizar de manera precisa un objeto. Será útil, por ejemplo, cuando queramos añadir “suciedad” a una textura. Vamos a verlo con un ejemplo: 1º Aplicamos el modificador Unwrap UVW. 2º En nivel Polygon seleccionamos todo el objeto y le damos a Projection > Planar Map. 3º […]

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Lego Generator Check out my version of the lego generator for 3ds Max primitive plugins. This plugin allows users to quickly and easily generate basic lego shape pieces. Users can use this plugin to generate endless lego sculptures. Check out the plugin. It is FREE for download and works in 3ds Max.

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5 Linear Exterior Setup + FREE 3D Scene

  Getting more requests for demonstrating some exterior techniques, and there’s no better way for using pre-made 3Ds Max VRay presets. The are verity of different ways for setting up your Exterior lighting, however I have found quite few times, that the “basics” can deliver the “message” in better way by bribing “focus” on the […]

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Making of Waterfall

by Boris Raguza | Difficulty : Intermediate In this tutorial we will create a waterfall with Particle Flow, Fumefx Waterfall tutorial with 3ds max  

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forest pack

Forest Pack startup Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial that introduction of forest pack. There is no sound, but I think you can understand. Forest Pack have Pro & Lite(Free) Version If you use Lite Version , but  you can perform most of this tutorial  

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Interesante tutorial sobre TEXTURAS NOCTURNAS

Cae la noche sobre nuestro mundo virtual, y nuestra casilla se sume en la más oscura “negrura”. Ningún signo de vida se desprende de ella: ni luz a través de las ventanas, ni siquiera nadie ha encendido la lámpara sobre la puerta.  

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