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Vray Studio Lightning tutorial

Create a shape like the following with the line tool. Fillet the two vertices as shown.   Make the line enable in renderer and viewport, select rectangular as its type and adjust the length value.   Create a primitive or import your own model. Here, a Torus Knot has been created.   Press F10 or […]

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3Ds Max Displace

Here’s another cool way to add detail to your objects. 3Ds max Displace modifier can be baked into your mesh to let your models look realistic. Here’s the whole scoop: Thanks for watching, post your comments and questions bellow. Share it with your fiends

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Multi Object Distributer Script

This script allows you to distribute multiple object to another object. Linked objects is handled as one object, if you use ‘Linked as One’ mode. Auto contact to object, rotation setting, Randomize distribution. Homepage URL: Download URL:

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The making of Paracete

The Making Of “Paracete” by artist Tianyi Zhu The Final Image: This is the wireframe for the main building is by usual way to make. For the surrounding buildings, I used the techniques in the video here: and here: Next I establish the tone and feeling of the scene. Choosing the right sky […]

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How to use correct math inside 3ds max & v-ray

Ismail Rebbane presents a live demonstration that briefly explains how to apply the proper math within 3ds max and v-ray to obtain real looking 3d renderings. This is the excerpt of recognizing Linear Workflow – how to work with floating Point for gathering knowledge on the value of this procedure and how it functions. Linear […]

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Tutorial: Interior Scenes using 3ds Max

by Pratik Gulati Download the Project Files for this tutorial Step 1 In this tutorial, we’ll be using real units, so the first thing would be to open the menu “Customize > Units Setup > US” and choose “Standard > Feet w/Decimal Inches” as the unit. Step 2 When you are trying to get a […]

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Free tutorials: create a complete scene in 3ds max and vray

First tutorial series of Render Academy®. Introduction and welcome to the free course. Learn how to create an exterior scene with Autodesk 3ds Max and Chaos Group V-Ray. Manage light intensity, camera exposure, texture and materials, anti aliasing and render algorithm as well as post production in Adobe Photoshop. Course in collaboration with DPI Studio […]

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