Copy/Paste 3dsmax script

Hi guys, ever wanted to copy/paste parameters from objects, cameras, lights. Well with this script, you can. You can copy all the object parameters or filter, and just copy the ones you want. There are 3 macros included, one for the UI and two for calling just copy and paste (the filter is set to *). For TD’s you […]

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FREE – Download this 3dxmax interior scene

From CGAxis At CGAxis FREE 3D models you will download many of high quality 3d models prepared by CGAxis. Every model is royalty free so you can download and use it in your commercial projects. All are prepared in many formats like: 3ds max with VRay, Scanline and Mental Ray materials, Cinema 4D with Advanced […]

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Brushed metal 3dsmax

Create Brushed Metal with Vray in 3DS Max

By: Johannes Tiner Time to make some nice brushed metal with Vray inside of 3ds max! Keep in mind that the transform size settings i’m using on the bercon noise will most likely not work for you so you will need to tweak that a bit 🙂 The shader can be downloaded at Bercon […]

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Creating Complex Wall Shaders in 3DS Max & V-Ray

By Denis Keman •October 7, 2015 3DS Max, Texturing, Vray When working on a interior scene one of the most obvious, yet most skipped thing when it comes to shading is the walls of the room. What i mean by this is simply that people usually go and choose a color for the wall and […]

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FREE Vray Tutorial – Vray rollouts: a basic overview

From Rollouts in different tabs! Since Vray 3.0, the position of the rollouts have been changed. Users coming from V-ray 2.4 or lower will need some time to adjust! As you can see in the image below, there are 3 tabs that belong to Vray: Vray Indirect illumination Settings Basic – advanced – expert […]

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30 VRAY TIPS PART1 (Spanish) by Pedro Jesús Caballero

Great series of vray tutorials about this 3d spanish artist. The idea is to have a good batch of small grants that we can put into practice in the following tutorials with more complex and funny scene. This new tutorial is the first part of the third block Interior lighting in V–ray. 9 tips for […]

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ESR Hdr Rig

Hi friends.Hdr rig is one click solution for hdr lighting in Vray and Max.You only select the hdri that you want and click.So script creates dome light contains hdr image which is in a vray hdr material.And also instance it to the environment also uses constraints for linking hdr and vray sun.I wrote it […]

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Molding script free

Kstudio products | Utility Free Collection of free scripts for 3ds max. TrackScripts package include a more than 30 scripts. Sweep Profile Vray Quick-Render EffectsChannelSet Render RenderElements Instance Materials/Maps and more… Unpack archive on a hard disk Start 3dsMax In the menu Maxscript choose Run Script. Choose TrackScripts.mzp Restart 3dsMax For scripts search in the […]

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